Mazon’s Factoring Success Stories

Mazon Associates has been in the factoring business since 1976. We have experienced many different situations and issues. Here are a few success stories at Mazon.

Mazon Associates provides cash and banking expertise to an apparel company.

Julie manufactured western and collegiate apparel for many small boutiques. A major retailer issued a large purchase order for goods. Her assets, including receivables, were tied up as secured collateral for a bank line of credit. The bank would not loan her more money for the new order. She had a great apparel manufacturing business and would like to seize this opportunity.

Julie was referred to Mazon Associates. Mazon managed to release Julie’s receivables from the bank loan and pay her monthly bank loan payment from receivables factoring.  Factoring enabled Julie to fill the large purchase order and generate the sale.  Because of Mazon’s factoring service, Julie got the cash and help she needed to fund the large order.

Mazon Associates provides start-up cash to a natural gas products supplier.

Doug was an excellent sales rep for a large supplier of natural gas products. Some of his best customers were not happy with the supplier so they encouraged Doug to start his own business. Doug needed immediate cash flow for the new business but knew he wouldn’t qualify for a bank loan.

Doug was referred to Mazon Associates by one of our clients.  Mazon factored Doug’s new receivables.  In six months, his average sales were $500,000 a month. Mazon performed credit checks on his potential and existing customers and encouraged Doug to diversify with more customers.  Mazon also provided credit insurance when needed.  Doug was able to sustain and grow his business with Mazon’s factoring services.

Mazon Associates provides credit insurance and cash to a consulting business.

Tom started his own consulting business. A large telecom company agreed to contract its small jobs to him. The large company was the majority of Tom’s business which created a credit risk to his small company. Also, Tom didn’t receive payment for their services until long after his contract work was completed. This caused a drain on cash flow.

Tom found Mazon Associates on the internet.  First, Mazon purchased credit insurance on the large customer.  This minimized the risk associated with a failure to pay.  Second, Mazon factored Tom’s receivables.  This provided the cash flow he needed to meet operating expenses. Eventually, Tom grew and expanded his customer base with the help of Mazon’s services.

Mazon Associates provides strategic business consulting to a transportation company.

The Barnett Shale gas discovery brought new business opportunities to North Texas. The transportation services market was very profitable. After several years however, the market became very competitive and profits shrank. Alex was a Mazon transportation client and he experienced the drastic change. Alex was working long hours. His revenue decreased even though his work increased.

Mazon Associates was factoring Alex’ receivables, so we were very familiar with Alex’ business.  Alex scheduled time to discuss his situation with Helma, an owner at Mazon.  After several discussions, we saw a new opportunity for Alex.  North Texas farms needed modafinil.  Alex could haul mud from drilling sites to the farms.  The farm profits were better than general dump-truck hauling and it was less competitive.  Alex seized the opportunity.  Now, Alex is making more money and spending more time with his family with fewer headaches.  Mazon gave Alex the extra help he needed to solve his business problems.

Mazon Associates provides cash to a growing furnishing company.

James supplied furniture and decor to interior decorators, upscale hotels, and home builders. In addition to sales, he provided moving, storage, relocating and installation services. The market for his services was booming. Hotels and home builders were sending him more orders every month. Eventually, James had so much cash tied up in current receivables that he couldn’t buy more inventories. He would lose the sales without additional cash. James couldn’t qualify for a bank loan.

James researched small business loans on the internet. He saw the Mazon Associates website and read how factoring would increase his cash flow. Mazon factored his receivables and provided the cash to grow his sales. Mazon helped James grow his small business. Factoring also enabled James to focus on his business without dealing with collections of receivables.

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