We Know Factoring

Mazon Associates has been in the factoring business for over 40 years. While other factoring companies come and go, we have consistently provided our clients a solid expertise in accounts receivable financing. You can depend on Mazon to guide your steps.

We’ve helped over 1,000 clients grow their businesses and achieve their financial goals. We know exactly what you need and we can meet your expectations. If you need help or advice, we are ready to assist. Your business’ success is our primary objective.

Our Terms & Features

We offer the best terms in the industry

Even with more experience than most factoring companies, we still charge you the most reasonable fees in the industry, and we do it with kindness and cheerfulness.
  • You choose the invoices you want to factor
  • We don’t have a monthly minimum condition
  • We don’t require a long-term contract
  • You can cancel anytime, just give us 30 day notice
  • We don’t charge an application fee
  • We don’t charge any hidden fees
  • Our application process takes only a few days and your initial funding can occur within 3 to 5 days.
  • We fund your invoices the same day you send them to us
  • We assist you with credit decisions
  • We check the credit-worthiness of your customers
  • We call your customers who are 30+ days past due

Let us take care of you.

Tell us about your factoring needs.