Finding the Right Factoring Company

When it comes to finding a factoring company for your business, it can seem overwhelming. Knowing what to look for is the first step. We’ll discuss several factors that every factoring prospect should know and understand when looking for a factoring company. Important Considerations You need to look at your industry. Factoring companies often serve …

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Staffing factoring service

Staffing Factoring Fundamentals

The staffing industry is undergoing rapid changes and needs the benefits of invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing. With more companies outsourcing different processes and operations, the number of staffing companies has increased exponentially over the last decade. Companies are more inclined to hire contractors and staffing agencies rather than employing full-time personnel. Accelerate Cash …

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Oil and Gas Factoring in Texas

Oil and Gas Factoring in Texas

Texas Oilfields As oil prices trend up, so does the need for oil and gas factoring in the Texas Permian Basin. After several years in the doldrums, especially in Texas’s oil-rich areas of Midland and other areas of West Texas, it appears that the oil and gas industry is making a resurgence. Oil prices have …

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Benefits of invoice factoring

Benefits of Invoice Factoring

New and growing companies can benefit greatly from factoring. Many companies can’t qualify for traditional bank loans. Even if a company qualifies for a bank loan, factoring may be a much better option. (See Factoring vs. Bank Loan) Factoring provides you cash quickly, often in a matter of days. With factoring, you don’t have the overhead cost of an …

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invoice financing vs bank loan

Invoice Financing vs Bank Loan

Factoring Advantages Factoring Bank Loan Cash flow statements Not Required Required Complete financial statements Not Required Required Income tax records Not Required Required Proven financial track record Not Required Required Future financial plan Not Required Required Excellent personal credit Not Required Required Federally regulated No Yes Collateral Receivables All assets Borrowing amount Invoice amounts Limited …

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