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Welcome to Mazon Associates. We are an accounts receivable factoring company located in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. For almost four decades, we have successfully provided invoice financing and accounts receivable financing for thousands of small growing businesses across Texas and the United States. Our comprehensive factoring services include cash funding, credit checking and accounts receivable collections.

Accounts Receivable Factoring is an Excellent Financing Tool

Problem: Your business is cash-strapped.  You may have excellent sales but you have cash tied up in your accounts receivable.

Your business can either thrive or struggle depending on your cash flow conditions.  Ordinary companies have a lengthy cash flow cycle that can drain cash right out of its business.  The reason an otherwise successful business can struggle is due to the accounts receivable process.  A typical cash cycle contains an accounts receivable collection period of approximately 45 days.  This can vary significantly depending on the industry and specific customers.

Solution: Accounts receivable factoring recovers your hard-earned cash which belongs to you, not your customers.

Factoring is a special form of financing that can completely eliminate the accounts receivable component of the cash flow cycle.  Factoring is commonly referred to as accounts receivable factoring or invoice factoring.  It’s also called accounts receivable financing or invoice financing.  Factoring provides your company access to your cash as soon as you generate your invoices.  I like to call this cash infusion - it’s not a loan and it’s not an equity investment – it’s the infusion of cash by a factoring company into your business.

What is accounts receivable factoring: You partner with an invoice factoring company that will buy your invoices for cash.

You select an invoice factoring company such as Mazon Associates who will buy your invoices.  After you perform your services or sell your product to your customers, you generate your invoices and forward them directly to Mazon.  Mazon will buy them and send you cash the very same day.  You will receive the face value of the invoices less a factoring fee and reserve amount.  The fee is your cost of factoring.  It is usually 2% to 5% of the invoice amount.  The reserve is simply a cushion for any unexpected, uncollected receivables.  It is normally 15% to 20% and is held in reserve and returned to you as soon as the accounts are collected.

Invoice Factoring is not a loan. Contrary to what you may think, invoice factoring is not a loan. A factoring company such as Mazon Associates actually buys your invoices. Because you sell your invoices for cash, you don’t have to deal with any loan or debt. This is extremely important for many companies, as they don’t have a liability, debt or loan payments.

Benefits of factoring: Invoice factoring has many other benefits than just cash flow, as if that weren’t enough.

Mazon Associates performs all the collection activities on the purchased invoices.  Because Mazon is in the accounts receivable collection business, we have developed successful collection policies and best practices for your benefit.  We have an excellent reputation with all our customers.  We know they are ultimately your customers and therefore handle them with much care.  In addition to collections, Mazon performs extensive credit checks on your customers to increase certainty of payment.  We mitigate your risk and exposure so that uncollectible accounts don’t become an issue.  Again, because we are in the credit business, we have developed successful credit policies and best practices for your benefit.

Mazon Associates is a Strong Partner for Your Business

Mazon Associates has been in the factoring business for almost 40 years.  While other factoring companies come and go, we have consistently provided our clients a solid expertise in accounts receivable financing.  You can depend on Mazon to guide your steps when factoring your invoices.  We have helped over 1000 clients grow their businesses and achieve their financial goals.  We know exactly what you need and we can meet your expectations.  If you need help or business advice, we are ready to assist.  Your business’ success is our primary objective.

Even though we offer you more experience than most factoring companies, we still charge you the most reasonable fees in the industry.  You won’t be surprised with hidden fees such as escalating fees or expensive minimum charges.  You have the flexibility to give us a 30 day notice to terminate our factoring relationship, while other factoring companies may require annual contracts with automatic renewals.

We service all types of industries including oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, staffing, construction and many different services.  If you sell products or provide services to businesses, then we can most likely help you.  Our clients’ sales range from $10,000 to $2 million per month.  Our application process takes only a few days and your initial funding can occur within 3 to 5 days.

Mazon Associates is a family owned business located in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, serving Texas and the Southwest region of the United States.  You will find our staff the most pleasant in the industry.  We enjoy serving you and facilitating your financial success.  Our mission is to help you grow your business and provide a professional and friendly service with integrity.

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